Production of tail lights will be temporarily suspended until further notice.

The new source for the coveted '41 Studebaker tail light.

Have you searched countless swap meets, Hemmings' classifieds, and eBay auctions for original Studebaker lights, only to find outrageous prices for neglected pot metal parts that your preferred chrome shop will charge an arm and leg to re-plate?

These new lights are sand cast in 356 Aluminum and molded from an original Studebaker ring - strengthened on the back with additional material - then hand-sanded and polished to a gorgeous shine. New buckets have been created to allow a weather-tight seal. The new plastic lenses duplicate the original pattern and are almost impossible to tell from an original. Since every custom car is different, the socket location is left un-drilled, allowing you to determine the optimum angle and placement for the bulb to shine through the bulls-eye on your car.

They're perfect for the rear fenders of your tail-dragging '40 Ford or your original Studebaker. Just cut your fender, drill the bucket for the style of light socket you prefer (not included), and bolt 'em in.


    • One pair of rings, buckets, and lenses; polished and assembled - $450, shipping not included

Since these items are cast, finished, and assembled by hand, there may be a waiting period for delivery. Please call to confirm.

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